Sunday, February 8, 2009

A great Wintervale Day indeed!

Thank you to all the folks who turned out for an unseasonably warm Wintervale Day on Sunday, February 8. Dozens of families, friends and outdoor enthusiasts tried ski and snowshoe equipment free of charge thanks to the Skirack! Thank you to volunteers Annie and Andy Follett.

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  1. On where and how to do the grooming, I'd vote 1)bike path; 2) country club; 3) Intervale in that order, although that doesn't seem to be the sentiment to date.

    We do go out several times a month to the country club now if we want to do a quick lunchtime ski. Generally, there are always tracks to go into if you are doing classic. The Intervale, however, is just flat as a pancake--and that makes the least fun ski terrain. While the bike path doesn't have a lot of vertical, once past Moran going North there is some nice undulation, and locating grooming there will add one extra place to go in addition to the country club, with lots of available access. Lastly, while on the forum, would like to see what interest people might have in regularly clearing/plowing/sweeping a place to skate by the waterfront park.